Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Bario del Born - El Born District
Despite humble beginnings as a settlement built on top of a medieval area of jousts and celebrations El Born has grown into being one of the most fashionable places in the city. Today El Born is all about style. Some of the trendiest shops, bars and restaurants are found in this part of town. Nowadays people are attracted to Born for the shopping which consists of some beautiful but pricey boutiques and shoe shops which are great to find that one-off piece.

Vila Viniteca
This shop is one of biggest wine shops in the country. On the other side of the street they have a small gourmet shop, with some tapas and wine served.

Silvia and her friends work at Barcelona, and every once in a while they go to Vila Viniteca to try some of their eats and drinks.

La Botifarra del Born, one of the best places in town to buy chorizos and botifarras

Can Ravel
A shop running from 1929, selling some of the highest quality products – food and beverages.

Mercado de Boqueria
Where some of the great chefs go every morning to get some of the best ingredients for their delicacies. It's also where one can find Pinotxo. Here we can also find one place to eat vegetarian tapas - Organic.

Sarriá Neighborhood
Where one can find and try the best patatas bravas (fried chips) in barcelona, at Bar Tomás.

Bar Tomás
The best bravas

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